In many cases, long distance relationships seem difficult to maintain because you can’t see one another for what often seems like a considerable amount of time. Yet, phone dating allows you to maintain any long distance relationship or friendship through connecting as often as you want over the telephone. The chat lines are always open and you can speak to your distant lover about anything you want. You can even have passionate phone sex to continue the intimacy and build through unique conversations and discussions. There are really no excuses for a long distance relationship not to work at this point. It comes down to how much effort you and your lover put into your connection.

You can discuss how often and how long you want each of your phone dates to be. You can also send sexts, and text messages while waiting for the next phone date to remind your lover that you are thinking about him. Don’t forget to send pictures as a way to say hi throughout the week. There are many things you can do over the phone and in some ways it’s even better than being in-person because you can create an intimacy that it unlike anything else.

Be creative and talk about a shared fantasy by adding elements to it as the conversation goes on. Talk about what you want in your future or listen to your man’s wishes. Discover more about yourself and the boundaries you hold. Push past being closed-minded by being open to hearing about new ways of relating to sexuality. The chat lines give you an opportunity to truly explore your imagination and create something specific to you and your partner. Forget about appearances and status and really learn about one another. Get on the telephone and see if it works for you and your guy!