The chat lines are open around the clock. With my busy work schedule I have free time at strange hours of the day. Because the chat lines are open 24/7 I have the ability to pick up the phone and engage in hot sexy phone sex with gay men at all hours.

I am able to live out my phone line fantasies on my way to work in the mornings. Getting it on with sex talk in my car on the way to work really turns me on. I sometimes touch myself in the car while I’m on hands free in peak traffic. There is something very kinky about touching myself in traffic. My windows are fully tinted so nobody can see me inside my car.

My trip to work takes me 45 minutes to an hours sometimes in heavy traffic. That gives me ample time for at least one call. I must admit that some mornings I arrive at work so horny that I can’t think straight for the first couple of hours. Some days I sit and stare into space soaking in the hot conversation I had in the morning.

Because the chat lines are always open I can pick up the phone during my lunch hour and get it on again. It is not always easy to resist and sometimes my brain can really drive me wild.

I am sure you have all had that feeling, when you can’t get enough of somebody. The way they sound and the words they use just drives you crazy.

If you do not know what I am talking about I would suggest that you pick up your phone right now. Dial one of the local numbers and try the sexy chat lines.

The sooner you call the sooner you can have fun. Call right now, You will not regret it.