Nobody knows what my kinks are in my real life but over the phone I feel like I can truly be expressive without being judged and I’m free to talk about my weird fantasies. Some guys will even act them out with me in role-playing scenarios. I may not be ready to bring these fantasies into my in-person reality but I am so appreciative of phone dating and a chance to try them out and see if I actually like them when they are happening or if they are better off as fantasies in my head. And truth be told, sometimes (not too often) a guy gets turned off by my strangeness and ends the call. It doesn’t bother me however because I know I am just having fun and being true to myself.

If you have a kink, fantasy, or role-playing scenario that you are scared to share with other men but still want to try it out, I suggest doing so over the chat lines. Many of the men in the phone dating community are open and non-judgmental and are willing to try new things. When you really think about it, the worst thing that can happen is that a guy says no to your fantasy and is that such a big deal? Even if someone rejects your fantasy, you can always try again with someone new. So my rule is go for it!

The chat lines are open 24 hours a day and every single day of the week. You can talk whenever you want to and about whatever you want to! There are hundreds of single men on the chat lines available to converse with you at any given time. There are people that want an array of things from friendships to booty calls and even long-term relationships are available by building new connections on the chat lines.