There are too many dating tips and suggestions out there but there is only one real tip to consistently keep in mind and that is be true to yourself. Being true to yourself means being authentic and if you are real with yourself and other men on the chat lines, the right people will find you who you will truly vibe well with because they are true to self too and are in alignment with your interests and desires. The only way you can find others to connect to is by putting yourself out there and being open and vulnerable. That may be scary at first but after some time, you will notice that if you’re open and are sharing others will feel comfortable in doing the same with you.

How do you be true to yourself on the chat lines? That my friend is easy. Be honest and direct in your communication. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Confidently express what you want and tell other men if something doesn’t sit well with you. There are hundreds of men on the chat lines so if one man doesn’t work out, it really is no sweat. Just say goodbye, hang up the call and redial the chat lines when you’re ready to speak with someone new.

Getting to know someone on the chat lines is simple too! One suggestion is to ask open ended questions that call for long-ended responses. Listen to your new phone friend’s tone and what they are saying. You can respond by telling him a similar story or something else that rings true to who you are. The art of conversation is not dead with phone dating and you can use your skills and learn new skills by taking part in the community.