There are many kinds of people on the chat lines, but you may be wondering what are the typical kinds of men you will run into on the telephone. The three big groups of guys often found on the cat lines include: young college age guys, bored middle-aged dad types, and the man next door. People who are on the chat lines range in age, interests, and what they want. This article is a general breakdown of typical types of men on the chat lines but does not include every person you can meet.

College Guys

College guys tend to join the chat lines for several different reasons. They are at the age range where they are exploring their sexuality and interests and may think this is a good outlet to do so. Phone dating is a safe way to explore sexuality and be creative on how you express yourself.

Middle Aged Dad Types

These men are busy hustling around supporting their children that in-person dating may take a backseat. Maybe they are recently divorced or not-partnered and want something casual and fun. They are honest and up front about what they want in a phone friendship and make for a great person to talk with as they are often educated in a range of subjects.

Man Next Door

This man can be any age and may have heard about phone dating from a billboard or a newspaper article and find it interesting. He may think that this is a unique way to meet and make genuine connections.

As you can see, there are many kinds of men on the chat lines eager to speak to someone like you. Give phone dating a try by simply picking up your phone and connect to a single man who lives in your area.