It’s okay to be a little weird. Actually being weird means being unique and each and every person has their own way of doing things and seeing the world. So what if you’re a little weird?! In fact, every single person is weird as normal is only what a person thinks normal is and everything is relative. That being said, weird and strange sexual fantasies are welcomed on the chat lines because the stranger they are the more creative and the more use of the human imagination occurs and that is called for by the community of men on the chat lines! So let your freak flag fly baby because there is nothing wrong with it so long as you’re being authentic! The community of men on the chat lines are open and want you to feel comfortable being yourself. By being yourself, you will find the guys who are in alignment with your desires and interests. There is no need to hold back or try to be normal here and in fact, you will likely be called out for it.

The chat lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so give a call to speak with a single man who lives in your area. Talk about whatever you want to and have fulfilling conversations with others by simply being who you are. If for one reason or another the person on the phone isn’t your cup of tea, just end the call. You can reconnect to the chat lines and speak with someone new whenever you’re ready to. Remember to ask questions to learn more about others and usually in a matter of minutes, you will find out if you and a new phone friend are on the same page. Take things at your own pace and learn more about yourself and others through phone dating.