Speed dating might sound like a great way to find a date and quick but it’s actually quite a misnomer. Speed dating is the kind of thing that seems like a good idea but you will find that there is not really a speedy solution in this form of dating. The real good solution for dating is found on the phone through free trial chat.

1. Speed dating doesn’t expose you to a variety of people. You might get exposed to 15 people at most at one speed dating event. If you don’t like them well enough, then you’ve wasted a whole evening that you could have spent actually working towards getting laid. Free trial chat is always there for you at any time of day and night, and there are always tons of different people on the phone lines. There you can find whoever you want to talk to about the most nasty things.

2. Speed dating is expensive. These events can run you a pretty penny each time. However, on the phone chats are where you can talk to people for free and find real life in person dates to have your needs met. You’ll be glad that you tried this form of dating because it is where you will find all the freaks who want to get down and dirty. Withs speed dating you don’t really know a person’s intentions.

3. You have to get all dressed up! This can take a lot of time and effort. With phone chats you can do it in your favorite pair of sweats while you munch on your dinner or from your office. You can do it from anywhere and the only requirement is that you are comfortable and feeling good. No makeup or special undergarments needed. Get on the phone now to try it.